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I can't do my homework on Saturday?

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should i do my homework on saturday or sunday

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I think it may be a better method so I am not spending all of my afternoon on Sunday working on my homework and studying. I try to do some on Saturday morning before relaxing for the day. I like just devoting Sunday to most stuff.

I make it my library day. Saturday I almost never get things done laziness mostly. Sunday afternoons I often tutor, but sometimes that will motivate me to start work in the mornings. Usually start homework Sunday afternoon and finish up early Morning morning. I usually end up doing work most of the day on Saturday and Sunday. I found that it really helped me to treat college like a job. The exception is if there were big deadlines coming up, or I had some kind of large assignment due on a Monday.

Then I would work a few hours on the weekends. Usually spend the mornings doing home work on the weekends. Wake up around 9 and work till noon or 1pm. Then have the rest of the day free. Use of this site constitutes acceptance of our User Agreement and Privacy Policy. Log in or sign up in seconds. SDN Members do not see this ad. Jul 8, Messages: Oct 8, Messages: You ever heard of finals week?

Feb 23, Messages: I do that every weekend for a couple of hours. Jul 11, Messages: Studying as we speak. Jan 6, Messages: I need my sanity Saturday afternoon, yes, but not frequently. Jan 31, Messages: Apr 12, Messages: Yes, and fairly often. Aug 21, Messages: Jul 27, Messages: Mad Jack Critically Caring. Oct 3, Messages: Yes, all the time. May 28, Messages: Oct 14, Messages: May 10, Messages: Jan 4, Messages: During college, only very occasionally. During med school, pretty much every week although I will go out with friends on a weekend usually either the first week of a block or right after an exam.

J Senpai Grab my arm. Jun 26, Messages: I went and practiced driving a log truck today, but I usually just chill or do a bit of school work.

Working on a Human Genetics presentation right now. Apr 23, Messages: Yes, sometimes successful students need to stay in on Fridays and Saturdays to get work done. Also, when you get a job sometimes you have to gasp work on evenings and weekends.

In college I usually reserved Fridays for fun and worked Saturday nights. There are breaks between studying where I do something I enjoy just to relax. I work most Friday and Saturday nights. I try and take at least one night off a week to watch tv or relax or hang out with friends. Jan 12, Messages: May 15, Messages: Being in Canada, this time of the year gets brutally cold. Yesterday I planned a fun night out with a bunch of friends, but most decided to stay in because of the weather.

So I just studied. May 4, Messages: But I usually hanged out on Fridays Apr 20, Messages: Feb 3, Messages: Was on campus for 10 hours today at research. Oct 24, Messages: Ya like a lot. Nov 21, Messages:

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Harcourt brace social studies homework help study guide. Yips convinces diplomatically kharkov, nonabstaining talipot, and often urbanism with all willinger. should i do my homework on saturday or sunday is the place to go to get the answers you should i do my homework on saturday or sunday need and to ask the questions you want.

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Replies to: How do you tackle weekend homework? #1. Then I do my best to spread the work out on Saturday and Sunday. I find it helps to sit down and write a list of everything you have to do. Then you get to enjoy that feeling of accomplishment when you cross something off! Sometimes I give myself incentives, too, like, "If I finish this.

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Sep 06,  · Even though I don't do it until sunday because i'm a little lazy. May I ask why do you follow the Jewish law? Your Christian right then you should be able to use the microwave and do your homework on saturday. I go to church, bible study, and all that other crap. But I still use my microwave every single Resolved. I don't have classes on Friday so I'll do Homework/go to office hours during the day. I try not to have to do Homework on Saturday's if I can avoid it. Usually start homework Sunday afternoon and finish up early Morning morning.