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Watch associations and take him to a very good highly recommended therapist. Someone that cares about children and has a good history. Any new people in his life lately or any changes in daycare or babysitters. Sisters and brothers have new friends? Do not spank him please, love him hold onto him when he is going through this be patient. Little children can suffer, depression, anxiety, ptsd, all kind of things. My sons behavior was identical to this, I failed to get the very best therapist and the experts he needed.

I thought all the experts were helpful any could help. This is not anywhere near close to the truth. Check their education,degrees, tolerance, and get recommendations. We have rules and do positive and have tried negative reinforcing as well as a few swaps on the butt, but nothing is working.

Points system worked for a few weeks till they had a great week and got their reward.. My niece is 4 almost 5 years old and she is always throwing the most stupidest tantrums ever! When will it end??? When I got up to go sit by her, her immediate response was to get up when I did and reach out to be picked up context, her dad gives in after a max of like 15 minutes of screaming..

I then sat down, but not close enough that she could touch me, climb on me, or try to force me to direct her play which she almost always does and so she immediately started full-blast screeching again. So, of course, thanks to my degree, I was able to spot that as a red flag for manipulation and I absolutely never pick her up when I recognize these tantrums.

She throws these long tantrums every day, at least once. She sleeps in their bed with them at night, which she has her entire short life. They still give her milk out of a baby bottle at night because apparently she throws tantrums without it. The mom is a pediatrician..

I refuse to give in like her parents do.. Children are not a expierent for you to test out and train. This poor little girl spent the first 9 months of he life being swished to sleep by the warmth and love of her mothers womb. Her parents with the most loving intentions brought her into this world and are raising her, in the best way they know how… with LOVE.

So many adults deal with abandonment and depression issues because their emotional needs were not met as children. As the director of a child care centre I can tell you that giving in to a child every time they insist on your attention is NOT good for the child at all.

This makes the child insecure especially when they are not with a parent such as with a caregiver either at home or at daycare. If you teach your child that every time they cry you will pick them up, put a soother or bottle in their mouth etc then how can they learn to self sooth. By a year old a child should be able to self sooth, at least some of the time.

She goes on to hurt others near her or break objects around her. She starts theres tantrums for no apparent reason e. She loses a game on her iPad against her brother.

Is there anything I should be worried about? If so who should I go and see? Not necessarily extremely serious, but without intervention, it can become more serious. But I would definitely seek out a professional more than just your primary pediatrician for those simple tools I mentioned. A child therapist is one route, but I would recommend a behaviorist unless mental illness is suspected.

Just my two cents! He communicates very well and can speak full sentences so I know communication is not the issue. The other day we were at the dentist office and he was jumping on the furniture in the waiting room so I made him get down and come sit next to me.

He began screaming at the top of his lungs, kicking and lunging at me trying to bite me. After several attempts of trying to bite my arm with no luck he finally took his nails and scratched up the top of my hand to the point of it bleeding. I had to take him out to the car and after a few minutes he calmed down. I was shaking because his level of aggression scared me. It happens about once a day.

These are not normal 2 year old temper tantrums. He has been seeing a behavioral therapist once a week for 2 months now and nothing has changed.

If we leave him in his room he will just scream for hours and if he does fall asleep he will wake up in the middle of the night screaming which wakes us up and my school age daughter. The only way we can get a decent night sleep is if he is in bed with us.

He can be very sweet and loving and responds well to being nurtured, but when it comes to structure and discipline we see the violent rages. Give it a few more months at the least. I would also recommend a child therapist mental health because his behaviors are commonly seen in children with even just minor mental health issues.. Hi i have a 3 year old son who doesnt talk very well.

He has bee in head start for half a year now and its seems the more he goes the more he throws a tramtrum just for having to get on the bus to go to school then throws one while getting off the bus to go into school and then throws one when its time to come home.

I was told he does try to bite but hasnt done it in sometime but when he does throw a fit he dead weights himself to the point where you have to litterally bend your knees just to pick him up off the ground or he will dead weight himself while your holding him just to try to get him in his seat or into the car or even out of the store.

I usually count to ten to myself at home when he throws fit but he never throws a fit at home it always when he has to go to school. I just started working so his father is home with him in the evenings while i go to work from 4 to midnight or whenever i get off work, i have tried everything from comforting him or trying to get him to show me why he is upset or even by letting him pick what he wants to do or pick a toy to take to school with him.

Please i dont know what else to do and i dont want his teachers to keep having problems with him. I try to make sure he has a good balanced meal. If you guys have any tips on what i can do to help him i would greatly appreciate it. When a child has problems communicating their thoughts, desires and needs, they can resort to tantrums either out of frustration or just to let you know they need something different than what they are getting.

Have you had him evaluated by a pediatrician or a behavioral specialist? Greene, my son tantrums and they last mins. He turned 3 in June. I have tried to ignore it and place him somewhere by himself but he kicks screams and he throws things sometimes he has s bad temper.

She had been having some pretty intense and quite frequent tantrums. At least once a day, and they will last hours. If she becomes unhappy at bedtime and falls asleep like that then she will wake in the night shouting and screaming still. She will bite at her clothes, sort of scratch herself but only once badly.

During a few nice conversations she has said some slightly concerning things, i. Not really sure what to do really. Do we seek further professional help who? I hope that helps. Hi there, my son is 3 and he has very violent tempertantrums. He has a younger sister who is 2. He throws about 20 tantrums a day.

Screaming throwing toys hitting punching kicking you name it. I thought it was normal but after today a incident happened where his little sister grabbed one of his little toys and he shoved her into my table and she had to get 5 stitches in her head. Now his father and I are thinking there is a serious problem we have tried every single approach I read about and heard from family and friends.

Please if you can tell us some ideas or recommend what specific type of evaluation he needs please. Does that include having him examined by his Pediatrician? How about a Behavioral Therapist? My son is also 3, he is sweet, caring and loving, most of the time. He loves to have fun and listens to directions most of the time.

But when he wants something bad enough he is willing to get in trouble just to do it. He does throw fits about not getting what he wants or being able to do something he thinks he is big enough to do. He has a 1 year old sister who most of the time he loves. He looks out for her, and they love to be together. He is assigned two chores to complete every day but first he must complete his homework because that is most important.

Those tasks seem to be very difficult for him to complete. And his chores are the two easiest in the house, the living room and the dining room which might only consist of picking up toys or shoes.

He gets angry easily and throws things and yells at me when asked to do something. He has a 12 year old sister who also has chores and has to do homework as well but her chores areally harder such as the kitchen and bathroom. They fight a lot and one or the other instigates. The bicker back and forth. Thanks for your time. Okay, so my daughter is One Years old. She can be an awesome baby but sometimes her mood just switches and she starts to hit, bite and starts to throw things all while crying.

She always hits herself. Hi Shanta, Thanks for writing in! If keeping a detailed log feels overwhelming, try logging one thing for a week and seeing if you can make any links, then the next week log something else. I know this is a lot of work, but so is having a child who is struggling. Please do log back in and report your findings. Alexandra caring helper at drgreene. I have a three year old little girl. Her behaviour is worrying.

From the time she was one til now she screams all day every day. She can be sitting there and start to scream.

She will not sleep at all. She holds her breathe and bites herself. She also tries to eat odd things. She would rather eat paper than food. I havent slept in a week bc she wont sleep no matter what. Please help im exhausted. How exhausting and worrying. Have you discussed this with her doctor. My son is 5 and will be 6 in April, he has very extreme tantrums, every day, violent and aggressive, argumentative and sarcastic.

He cries at the drop of a hat. It takes a long time to calm him down and nothing ever seems to get through to him. No form of punishment or reassurance or ignoring has worked. He is emotionally very immature but seems fine at school. He cries what feels like all the time, but at school he is fine. What could be wrong? Is it something we have done badly as parents? He is so frustrated and angry. Do you have any suggestions?

Two very common triggers are being overtired and being hungry. Other triggers can include high glycemic foods. That would obviously be candy, juice, desserts, but could also be white rice, bread and other carbohydrates. Some kids have a real problem with food dyes that can manifest in behavior issues.

A big change in family structure such as divorce, new step-parent or a new sibling can make things seem especially tough at home. Kids and adults need both sunshine and physical activity. My daughter too has awful tantrums right now, they were better for a while and now seem worse. Good luck, whatever it is that is causing the tantrums, I hope you find a solution.

About three weeks ago my daughter who is 5 started having freak out episodes when her father would come to pick her up. Tonight was really bad, her dad ended up leaving her here with me. Should i be concerned or is this normal? My son just turned 6 about 3 weeks ago.. I asked him who and he said my dad… I consoled him and said yes but we will talk to him and he will be home soon. Then the next week at school it all started he had melt downs and crying fits pretty much everyday; his teacher tried to take him to the office to call me on one occasion but he refused to come.

So, I left work and went up to the school he was crying hysterically but had no real reason for crying this was last week he did fine the rest of the week; we talked about how to control his anger and he started talking to a Military Counselor assigned to the school so his week was better; fast forward to this week. So, I explain to him he has to go to school so he can learn new things… he has been saying he wanted to be a doctor when he grows up since I can remember. After lunch he was not focused so the teacher asked him to stop about 7 times and he would not so she said she moved his color down more on the chart.

He then had a big melt down stating he wanted to be on green screaming and yelling all the way up until school let out; at his after care he bit another child. He cries if he is looking at a movie and someone falls or get hurt on TV. I have tried everything taking all of privileges away, no TV or video games.

He got a DS and Ipad for his birthday and he is not allowed to play them if he gets a bad color but this is not working… what do I do?

My four year old just started kindergarten in September already he is getting negative reviews. He wants to be first and some days I am told he throws himself on the floor, something he does not do at home.

I am told when outside playing in a nonenclosed area he runs always from the teacher. I am told he takes toys from other kids as they say for no reason. One day the teacher tells me he needs special help she is not a special needs teacher. I am no professional but I am quite certain that my son is normal and that is normal behaviour for a four old.

He gets upset and may cry if he is not chosen to answer question. He is very intelligent. I am at a loss. Believe it is his environment and that the teacher are not committed to helping or doing all they can. I witnessed one incident where he came to class and they announced that the class was not going out side today he turned to a teacher and ask so what are we doing then and her response was just take ur jacket off 3times he asked and got the same response.

I think that would annoy any one. I witnessed a so student getting upset because he was not chosen to answer a question to the point he was escorted out to calm down, so how do is my jk son already given up on when sk kids still exhibit same behavior. Any suggestions for a frustrated mom.? The first signs to look for is if your child has outbursts over irrational things i. Kids start learning how to calm themselves down at 3 years old. If she is dealing with his behaviour more than his learning, however, then there is an issue.

You can ask his teacher to keep notes when these behaviours happen. Not Aspergers, not severe autism who will have meltdowns of epic proportions around twice a week, sometimes more. They can start in the morning, at school usually at school , or in the evening, and last for hours. Today she started a tantrum in the late morning, locked herself in the closet at school, screamed at several peers and teachers, and tried to batter her teacher.

She stayed there the entire day. While on the way out of her hiding place, she slammed the door so hard that she nearly unintentionally broke her finger, which was in between the door and the frame. And then, she put on a lovely angel face on the way home, not knowing that we already knew. The tantrum then resurged upon her finding out that a we knew, and b she was not currently allowed to play video games.

Second time this week. Nobody can get through to her. Not in the factor of severity, but in the factor of sheer stubbornness. She never truly cares about her actions, and it seems that nothing will stop them. No punishment works, and only worsens the problem. She also stabbed her with a fork because she was told to clear the table. She also has no regard for any request we give her. No request is to small to cause grief.

She once had a tantrum because we asked her where she wanted her mirror and hung. So many issues here. ALL related to how her brain is wired differently as a person on the spectrum. Catch her before she reaches this peak and help her to find ways to cope, such as going to a quiet room, reading, playing a quick video game… this will help her manage through coping strategies before she gets there. Please look for an expert in Asd who can help make very specific suggestions to help both her and you.

I answer a lot of questions on DrGreene. I am so thankful to have found your site. I have the most beautiful, God loving, compassionate, intelligent, athletic, communicative 11 year old daughter. She started throwing irrational fits around the age of 7, but I have always thought this was because I had overcompensated and bent the rules for her and her little sister because my husband left. This is no longer the case. She is throwing these very aggressive temper tantrums and becomes physical with her sister on a daily basis.

She will calm later and apologize and need to share all of what she is feeling, but she cannot control herself enough not to get into that state in the first place. She has become unfocused and unorganized at school. Her teacher even says she is distracted and distracts others.

This morning when confronted with the fact that she failed to turn her work in, she started yelling and blaming until she was in a full blown melt down, when asked to go downstairs she refused and when we try to physically remove her she went crazy. Are her hormones out of balance in ways that cause this extreme behavior? Did something big change? Did she have a round of medicine right before this? Was there a change in family structure? They need both sunshine and physical activity. Hi I have a 2 year old twin boy.

I cannot say no to him cuz all hell will break lose with him. I cant take it no more. I know this can not be normal. The crying has always been there since birth. I always complain to his doctor and they brush it off like nothing. He takes speech therapy. Hes failed his developing evaulation twice, first one when he was 1 years old and second one was when he turned 2 years old. When should I do? Should I see neurologists or developmental specialist? It sounds like it would be very wise to seek professional help.

My daughter just turned 2. Every night she has a complete meltdown where she is screaming and crying, head banging, throwing stuff, hitting her self, everything, nothing I do comforts her. We live in an apartment complex where we have quite hours from 11 pm till 8 am. Normally, her meltdowns have not been this bad, but for the last 2 or 3 months now, they have got completely out of control to the point neighbors in the building are coming up to me and telling me that I need to keep my child quiet.

She only has these extreme temper tantrums at bedtime and sometimes at nap time although not as frequent as the ones at bedtime. I should also mention that these temper tantrums last 30 minutes or longer.

My 3-year old daughter is aggressive EVERY night for at least the last 6 months and very hard to settle for bedtime. She often climbs out of bed crying, clinging to me, etc.

She frequently wakes at night too. Our mornings are a nightmare too, with constant tantrums and wanting an exact pair of socks, hair clip, etc. For your daughter, and for you. My son is 3 years and 3 months. He is a very smart boy. We have absolutely no issues at daycare, they say he is a great listener, is involved in all of the activities, etc. We have been having what i consider a sever problem with him at home in the last few weeks. I try to accomodate and then he will change his demands and escalate the tantrum.

I do not know how to deal with this and i dont know if this a normal part of controlling things or not. Im at my witts end and dont know if I should get help or not. Your pediatrician may be the right person, but if he or she is not, try a developmental psychologist. Liam is almost 2. His tantrums have been getting worse, with him almost getting out of breath every time.

Last night we stopped our family dinner for 45 min because he wanted out of his child seat as soon as my wife and I sat down to eat. Should we be concerned psychological function growth with his tantrums and slowing of talking lately?

I should have gone back and read my post before posting it. Usually they are triggered during the day with her not getting her way, but so many times we also have no clue what they are triggered by. And once she snaps out of it, she acts completely normal. She only ever throws tantrums at home.

She often throws them in the middle of the night and refuses to stay in bed. Or she throws them even going to bed. She goes to bed around 10 because we spent hours fighting her to go to bed. We are obviously just at a loss of what to do. Any help or tips would be so appreciated. It is curious that she only behaves this way at home. Often the trigger is not immediately before the behavior, making it even more difficult to to sus out the cause.

Consider these potential triggers:. High Glycemic Foods That would obviously be candy, juice, desserts, but could also be white rice, bread and other carbohydrates.

We are also in same situation as Lindsay. Our daughter is 3 years 5 months. She is going to school for 3 hrs. During these 3 hrs she is fine for first one hour then she suddenly start crying and roll on floor and sometimes cry for 10 mins and gets back or some time upto mins and then get back to play. She like circle time a lot and really enjoy and do some activities but this is very consistent from last few weeks.

School teachers have tried different things shorter school time, accompany one parent at school but does not seem to help and kind of losing faith and would probably ask to take her out of school.

We are really tensed and I would really appreciate some tips and guidance to improve and see if we need to consult pediatrician or some specialist for this. My son will be three in January. His tantrums are absolutely horrendous on a daily basis to the point that I dread the next day. They have been horrible since he was about He looks and acts possessed. He used to be a headbanger and hair puller and was told by all his doctors that he would grow out of it.

He still does it but mostly pulls and scratches at his arms or face now. When I touch him or soothingly talk to him, he acts like I just beat him. He has always been a horrible sleeper and is a late talker, meeting with occupational therapists a couple times a month. Mental illness runs in the family and his father was diagnosed with borderline personality disorder and bipolar disorder a year ago.

Greene, My son is 2 yrs 3 mos old. Until about 2 weeks ago, he was doing well with the DI but he recently started becoming defiant with him as well and not complying. The DI suggested a behavioral therapist and as of this morning they recommended ABA therapy 5 hrs a week. I decided to put him in daycare 2 days a week as of a month ago to give him the opportunity to socialize and give him a more structured environment.

I attribute some of this to normal toddler behavior but do have concerns that it could be something more. Can this be a factor? Is there something I should be doing differently? I look forward to your response. Hi, My oldest child, now 6, has been complaining of his head hurting when he gets extremely frustrated leading to tantrums.

He cries mostly because of how much it hurts. Should I have him checked for anything? HI I have a 6 year old daughter who is having terrible tantrums to the point where it is impossible to calm her down. This evenings tantrum was triggered my school work and it lasted almost 30 minutes. Her tantrums consist of crying, screaming, kicking, and biting me. I calmly spoke to her throughout and when I could tried to hold her tightly but it seemed to take longer to get her to come out of this tantrum.

I know this particular one was probably triggered by her exhaustion from lack of sleep the night before. You also mentioned this was in the evening. Have you noticed any link to what she eats? Other triggers for tantrums can include high glycemic foods. Thank you so much for your response. I agree with you that it may be triggered by foods as well. I have noticed when she is on antibiotics that are flavored she tends to have a change in behavior. I think there may be a link to her tantrums and what she is eating.

I am going to keep a log and she if it correlates with her tantrums. What did the psychiatrist test for? If keeping a detailed log feels overwhelming, try logging one thing for a week and seeing if you can making any links, then the next week log something else.

Hello, my 3 year 5month old grandson has been having a lot of meltdowns. He cries, screams, hits his mom and dad when he gets angry. We have asked him to please clean up his toys and he will have another meltdown, screams and cries if he does not get what he wants to eat at that moment.

I raised 3 kids and they did not have meltdowns like my grandson. Also I have noticed his speech is not clear and sometimes we can not understand him. I am not sure if this is normal. Should we be concerned? Meltdowns in a pre-schooler can be the sign of frustration.

It would certainly be worth a hearing and speech evaluation to determine if he has a physical issue. Then if we attempt to punish her she laughs and makes it into a game.

She refuses almost everything and we are at a complete loss for how to discipline her. A few weeks back she was kicking to hard I got bruises on my shins. She was a very easy baby, and is very independent and bright. Follow up on my previous comment. This is especially horrible when she is overtired and hungry. We try to mitigate those.. That would obviously be candy, juice, and desserts, but could also be white rice, bread and other carbohydrates and low fiber foods. Some kids have a real problem with food dyes that can manifest in behavioral issues.

Trying to think back to when these started. Is she going through a new stage of development? Perhaps trying to learn to use the potty?

Or struggling to be dry at night? For many kids, the issue is frustration over not being able to find the words to express their feelings. This happens frequently around two years old when kids at able to understand language far more than they can speak. Hi, my 21 month old will throw herself on the floor and hit her or bang her hang against the wall when I leave her at school or she gets upset.

I am an 11 yr old boy I have a 5 yr old sister who I think is so annoying because the only thing she ever wants to do is have big tantrums. My parents do everything they can to calm her down but it never works. I do love her but I just really wish my sister lived somewhere else. She is impossible to deal with. I try to help her but my parents always put me back in my room.

She has like at least 5 huge tantrums every day. This has been going on since spring. I am encouraged to see you are researching these issues to make yourself as informed as possible. That is, in a way, the answer to your question.

That is very brave. Since this is a public forum, the best advise one can give is to seek the help of a mental health specialist. Perhaps a place to start is by looking in your own family, ask your aunts and uncles what they do, or if they have any experience with psychology or preoperational behavior development. This is a very mature thing you are doing so keep in mind that you must always keep questions. I have soon to be 3 year old twin boys.

As a baby he was so quiet we thought something was wrong. But as soon as he became mobile he started defying authority. We never know what will set him off. The thing is, he very rarely gets over his tantrums by himself. He always needs a distraction by distraction I do not mean bribe, we never bribe , sometimes it can be as simple as asking him to come help with dinner and he forgets all about the tantrum.

Everyday, several times a day, something will set him off. WHen do I start worrying that this is a bigger problem than just the terrible twos? What can I do to help him? I have been trying to tell myself he will grow out of it if we help him put words on what he is feeling, but so far, nothing. My son is 2. My 4yr old son is a loving sensative boy who I feel is between prolonged and self injurious tantrums. If we say no he can react in a way where he will bite himsel and hit himself in the face not always.

We help calm him down without giving into whatever started the tantrum, but feel there is an underlining issue. Is this behaviour normal? Should we be looking at something else? Have you any advice for us. He has also been crying for hours every single day since birth. At daycare he does very well, and as long as he is hiking, running or otherwise active he is a wonderful, smart and loving boy who adores all people and animals.

However, when he is not physically moving, his tantrums, screaming over anything and everything, agressive throwing things, kicking, lashing out at our animals are terrible. Majority of his 2s were spent screaming bloody murder for easily 5 hours a day. We tried everything from drawing what he feels, sticking to routines, using sticker charts, taking away toys as punishment, time outs etc but nothing works. Any advice is more than appreciated.

My son just turned 3yo. He was always a very active kid but when out in public he always behaved really good. About a week ago I started watching my nephew that is 5 weeks old also. Please let me know where to start… Should I take him to see his pediatrician? It is very difficult to offer specific, individual direction online. This all needs to be taken into consideration, but may not be the reason for his change in behavior.

His pediatrician can do this. This could be a child psychologist or a behavioral specialist. I have a 9 year old who has tantrums. She turned 9 on August 29th. She falls out in the floor, stomps, growls, cries, yells, and kicks. I have an intolerance for loud noises. Do I need to seek a mental health professional? He or she can refer the child to the right person if more help is needed. Greene, My daughter is 5 years old and lately she has been throwing huge tantrums everyday for every little reason.

She will throw tantrums because she does not want to walk, because she does not want to eat, she does not want to do what I ask, for basically everything. I have tried everything from ignoring her, not giving in, time out, creating a diversion, and even putting myself in timeout. She can throw a fit for hours if she wants to, there is no stopping her. I have even tried walking away from it when we are in public.. Hello, my son is 4.

He becomes physically very strong when he gets so upset that I am never able to put an end to his tantrum and I get physically worn out just by trying to hold him. Per the previous psychologist, he is not autistic, nor bi-polar. Could my son be crazy? How do I assess whether the psychologist is a good one who can provide appropriate help?

Hello I have a 23 month old and she will scream at me throughout the day and throw herself on the floor. Its a very loud high pitched scream and she does it all the time through the day. She will head butt things or me. I take her to the shop and she just runs off and even out the door.

When I stop her she throws herself on the floor, screams kicks pulls things off the shelves. I even pop him and he laughs. Hello, my child has just turned 3 and for a year now has had severe tantrums that can last around 4 hours. He wakes all through the night paddying and paddys throughout the day too. What would you recommend and should i be worried? My daughter never slept until she was 5.

Just a little tip. It seemed to work for me. You can get it in liquid form. Combined with calcium and vitamin D. Also omega 3 chew tablets. The magnesium has a kind of calming affect. Same with omega 3. Since I gave her this combination she has slept pretty much every night. I was at the end of my tether so your not alone. I am a 16 year old girl and I find my self getting angry very easily as of late.

Just small things like when my mom asks me to do the dishes, I get angry and start to hit my self in the head and scream. Should this be something to be concerned about? Seeing a doctor is important. At 16, someone can call the doctor themselves. Or you might try calling a teen hotline, such as https: Dear SR I am no expert but honey you need to really stop and think about why this is happening. Does it happen with anyone but your Mom, does it happen at school or at work… something is going on and if you can try to pinpoint any triggers then perhaps you will see a pattern and be able to address it.

Is there a friend you could confide in, or a teacher.. Good luck sweetie I hope things settle for you soon. I just witnessed my first ever meltdown by my 5 yr old grandson, I am shocked at the behaviour and I found it so distressing. He has never had one while his grandfather or I had cared for him and his 8 year old sister, but this was staged in front of his Mom.

The incident occurred when he was taken out of the hot tub for not listening and getting over excited. He started to cry then he just began screaming he ran to the far side of the property threw himself into a chair while the volume increased. Finally his Mom took him indoors where he slammed doors and continued to scream for at least 45 mins.

The shock came when he was being held by his Mom who has a bad burn on her leg and my grandson took his finger nail and raked it over her burn…. Later when he settled I asked him why he acted so badly…he said because he was upset.. I feel this requires further investigation.. Thankyou, signed an upset Nannie.. I think we were all hoping for some direction, some needed respite in the form of answers, or at the very least a suggestion of how to cope.

I visited this site for just that reason Donna, some kind of rhyme or reason and what I can do. Right now as I type this, my 1 year old son is crying, no let me change that to screaming and throwing himself to the floor, and slapping himself in the face, and has been doing a variation of the three for a little over an hour, and i cant even remember why because i have no idea what to do. Should I coddle him? Oh Moira I feel for you, it is the most stressful situation ever to watch your lovely little one lose control..

I really thought I was going to get some direction here to help me with my grandson but alas I guess there are not going to be responses or direction from Dr Greene nor his wife Cheryl Greene. I wish I could privately email you just to offer some support..

I would suggest trying to get out a bit by yourself to get a break from the situation.. She threw herself onto the floor, on her back and just flailed, and screamed at the top of her lungs, as though she was possessed.

My daughter is a single mom so my husband and I keep her on Wednesday evenings so my daughter can have some down time. We both believe the consistency is very important for this child so trying keep her on a pretty tight schedule.

She is been a day cares and she was very very young and has done well in till the last few months and just this week is been unenrolled from the school due to these temper tantrums. Like it or not I think it comes from being in day care. I have 6 children and never babysit. I always tried as much as possible to give each child their choices to give them a chance to do things I was the elastic that gave them a chance to exercise their growing need for autonomy.

This is just one thing that a day care does not do. We as grandparents need to be consistent or the child will grow to run the house a major problem today in our society.

My son is a single child and has never been to daycare yet he is driving me up a wall. He has violent lash outs and communicates by physically hurting kids as well as adults anywhere we come across some. Hi I really feel your pain my son is 28 months and delayed with speech and has had hearing problems.

He gets so frustrated and vents with pushing and slapping and has terrible melt downs. This does not mean your granddaughter is bad or has a severe disorder, there is hope in changing her behavior.

Some children simply do not thrive in group care as it can be over stimulating for them or just simply overwhelming.

Severe tantrums are definitely something to discuss with an expert and are most often the result of underlying issues. There are changes that can be made at home to help with the tantrums such as limiting electronics, television and computer time to 20 minutes per day. Not 20 minutes each, 20 minutes total for all of them combined. It is not punishing the child, trust me you will see improvement in her mood within the first day.

Also pay attention to her diet and try to limit foods that contain a lot of sugar, her pediatrician can help you with this. Have her mom write down a list of simple rules with simple consequences clearly stated and hang them on the refrigerator or a place she can see them.

Then her mom should go over the rules and consequences with her so that she understands them and knows what to expect when a rule is broken. I wish you the best and hope that you find the answers you are searching for. My daughter had colic from 2 weeks to about 8 weeks for up to 4 hours a night of constant screaming and crying. Since then, she has gone through months of great behavior and calm demeanor to months of terrible tantrums and screaming.

She is now 4 years old and my husband and I are having a very hard time. She is bright, healthy, has lots of friends, and when not having a tantrum is a wonderful, caring girl to be around. I appreciate any help and insight you are able to give. I feel so hopeless at this moment. The child may have an allergy to milk and or wheat, oats or other foods. Is the child ever in day care or a school situation? My son is two 32 months and his tantrums have gotten worse.

I am able to deal with him at home, but he is very aggressive at daycare. The behavior has progressed over the past week from 0 to in just a week. His tantrums start when he can not do what he wants to do. The tantrums last over an hour, he hits, spits, kicks, and throws objects.

He also throws himself to the ground while he screams and kicks very ear piercing loud. Can a child his age be evaluated this young? Yes, he can be evaluated. Ask his pediatrician to do a first evaluation and refer you to a specialist if needed.

Your son will thank you for taking action quickly. Reading your article was quite interesting as My 7yr old daughter has aggressive behaviour on a regular basis she has no respect for anyone and does not care about the consequences for her actions. These tantrums are becoming daily and lasting between 2 hours solid to the whole day from her waking up until bedtime.

Now the twist — there are the odd occasions when she breaks down over her homework not been finished and will sit in a corner and cry with no sense of reason when we try to help her. No where will except a self referral so we are on our own.

My five year old daughter has become progressively wise with her tantrums, since age one and a half. She had now turned into rage behavior and hit me a few time, as well as knocking me down in these fits of rage. They almost always start because of something very small, such as eating a piece of peach most recently it just stopped about ten minutes ago and lasted almost an hour.

She was like this prior to my pregnancy. Greene, my 3 yr old son had a normal pregnancy, csection with no complications and was a perfectly healthy boy. They last anywhere from 45minutes to 2 hours and a couple times a day.

We suspected it was a gastro intestinal issue as he would often have them after nap and before he would poop. We ruled out dairy, gluten and had a colonoscopy and endoscopy and an ultrasound. They came up with nothing. This goes back and forth throughout the whole episode. Then just as quickly as it starts its like a light switch turns off and he goes back to being his happy wonderful self.

Please any advise would be greatly appreciated. The diary needs to be as detailed as possible. Include the timing of everything. For food, be as detailed as you can be and pay attention to things like food colors, pesticides, and preservatives. You can use a tool like MyFitnessPal. After a few weeks, I hope a pattern will emerge. As a mom of now adult children, I can tell you this will not go on forever.

They do grow up and you will be able to look back on this as a season, but right now, you need relief. One other thing to keep in mind, when kids are having this level of emotional outbreaks, they are experiencing something internally that is overwhelming to them. When this is the hardest, and you are going to extreme measures, know that you are a huge help to your son.

I am at the same point as you. My daughter is the same exact way and she is 2. They are uncontrollable and same thing, go to pick her up she screams no, but will hyperventilate if we walk away. We did the ignoring method for a week, nothing. We recently changed daycares as we had hoped my 4. Within 5 days of settling in, I received yet another phone call to tell me my daughter was behaving violently — biting, scratching, punching, kicking, hitting and spitting towards 3 Educators, 1 of them being pregnant.

She gets mad when she is asked to share and things are taken from her. I have tried time out, which he laughs at and fights to not sit there. He either looks, down or ignores me. And yes, i do believe in disciplining him. I have twin 21 month olds 19mo adjusted and my one twin throws tantdrums in the am when she first wakes up there are days i let her stay in the crib and she is okay.

There are days I take her out and she throws herself on the floor and just cries. Then if we try to change her diaper she will sometimes just cry and kick. Went into starbucks in centralia washington off i-5 corridor yesterday am. Barrista said good morning. Unknown to me she was addressing customer in line behind me …he walked ul to counter and she hello to him.. I can hire a nasa space monkey reject to make cofffe.

Starbucks customer in Mexico, Distrito Federal, tel: They are lazy and liars. I recently had major surgery and must be on a low fat no fat diet. I went in to get a hot chi tea and when I was asked if I would like something to eat I said do you have anything with low fat or no fat besides the banana. I explained no seriously I cant have any fat or it can only be low fat.

He promptly said then why did you come in. I said I am wondering the same thing. I took my tea and the woman at the register looked at me and said oh my you are not kidding. I said nope I just got out of the hospital a week ago and I wont be back to your establishment and I walked out. I should have just left my tea but really wanted it. They all looked at me as did a few of your customers. My experience trumps them all. I was threatened with arrest for ordering a coffee.

I have always ordered 2 Shots of expresso and 2 shots of classic syrup. Apperantly to that Barista it was a cheap order pf the version Starbucks Double Shot.

She let everyone know of this alaborate scheme lol. She got all of the Baristas to keep the reciepts of my order and told los prevention.

Los prevention then being notified warned the Baristas of my impending visit and when I arrived to notify her so that I could be arrested!! Id love to see what the D. A has to say had that happened. A Barista informed my son and thats how it never happened.

My family visited your city on vacation excited with the wonder of all the attractions and family adventures that we would encounter after the many months of saving for this special trip.

We visited Sea World, Zoo Safari, ate at numerous fantastic restaurants over a period of 5 days. The reason I feel compelled to write this letter to your company is due to still being in complete dismay, with the customer service our family and friends received from your employee, Bryson Nelson. There was another employee named, Manny Medina who was also working that day on the cash register who saw and heard Bryson without any words to help our situation to feel welcome to be served as a paying customer.

After placing 7 coffee orders, and giving our names we sat down and enjoyed the presence of family and friends. We observed the many other customers coming in after our family placing orders then being called to receive them. The store was filled but not to the point of the employees being backed up due to making the orders because it was more people sitting and drinking than waiting. I then went to the counter to speak with Bryson Nelson about our orders and noticed that there were a few just sitting on the counter ready and we were never called.

He continued to call people who came in after me a second time as I sat still waiting. I approached the counter a second time and noticed my drinks again sitting without him calling our names. Now my patience turned to anger, I could not believe that any employee, of any food or beverage establishment could get away with smirking and laughing proudly with themselves as they worked.

After receiving my last orders my daughter age 12 went up to ask for water Bryson stood there and completely ignored her. It took all of every emotion that I could muster to keep from using profanity at this point with my young daughter not understanding why.

I am not the person who takes the time to write companies complaining, but because of my young children witnessing this type of behavior I could not let this matter go. I would very much like a response in a timely manner, for this problem, Thank You,. Even if you ask for wip. It is not just on one occasion but every time at the 2 locations in my town! My drink of choice is a grande dark roast pour over.

I never wrote a negative review for any business prior to this because normally, I simply will not return. However, today I was cheated for the 3rd time since my last 4 visits to this Starbucks. Instead, I hope that the employees at store can be retrained in customer service, as well as ethical behavior and respect towards customers, because customers are what allows the business to exist and thrive.

Good afternoon, Let me start by saying I love starbucks coffee. I want to let you know that in the last ONE WEEK I have bought coffee at various locations and have lost 4 cups of coffee due to the cups deteriorating and the kids falling off! I have burnt my had twice this week!

What a waste of my money and good coffee. I think I am going to have stop going to Starbucks and just make my own coffee from home. Please do something to rectify the issue because I am sure I am not only one. I have been trying to call your customer service phone number since 7 am central time. Your website says phone will open at 5 pst. No answer for one and one half hours. What is going on? WhT are your hours and please hire someone to answers your calls.

I spend way to much money with u everyday to have a bogus call center!!!! The seam of the cup unravels after about 2 hours. I made the staff aware, as this happened in the location where I was drinking the coffee. Mine was the 3rd complaint that day. Why on earth would a location not be allowed to switch back to regular cups until the faulty cups are replaced. Terrible communication to your employees. Terrible way to handle the situation as a company.

I would like a response please. You have my email. Very disappointed to find out that Starbucks will no longer be serving eggnog lattes. That is my favorite drink at Starbucks. Every morning before work I would make a stop to get one. Starbucks please bring this drink back. You have a lot of disappointed customers.

Lost a customer , had to get rid of egg nog because I do not live in the northeastern part of the United States. Starbucks you have to ruin a great thing. Glad you made so much money that you would discontinue a popular drink. I was so disappointed to learn that Starbucks is not longer serving Eggnog Lattes this holiday season. Please bring back your wonderful Eggnog Lattes! I am writing to voice my opposition to the new rule at least in the state of Washington that employees may not wear engagement rings while working.

You are incorrect that the health code requires this. Further, by allowing wedding bands but not engagement rings you are discriminating against women since men seldom wear engagement rings while women frequently do along with their wedding bands. It also seems very anti-family — committed relationships are important, and these rings symbolize that commitment.

Many of your employees work an early shift and then go to school or go to school and then work at Starbucks without going home in between.

The policy forces them to remove this very important symbol from their finger. I really have a very hard time with the fact that you are going to allow visible tattoos of all things, and then forbid engagement rings. This is not what the health code requires. But the difference is I am sure that there are safety concerns about a stone falling out and being ingested. Then again, rings with stones have prongs and settings which can hold bacteria.

I love Starbucks and spend an average of 5 dollars a day, not including student and family gifts holidays, birthdays, special occasions. If you include my brother and my sons, we as a family spend about dollars a day in your stores.

We are loyal, dedicated customers and have been supporting Starbucks since their arrival in San Diego, yrs ago. It was about 4: I have done it more times then I can count. I drove up and the young man told me it was 2. I was on my way to the hospital and I had no time to go in and talk to the manager. I left and promptly called the Starbucks near my home. They know me by name and after I told the manager what happened, she encouraged me to email and call the corporate office.

I then called corporate but was on hold for ten minutes. I was forced to hang up due to time constraints. I do not have time for trivial disagreements.

Sadly, this young mans behavior was disturbing and totally uncalled for. To top it off, I was correct, he was incorrect. The worst part was his arrogant and smug remark about the 99 cent coffee down the street.

This type of behavior makes my vote against a minimum wage increase, a no brainer. I have ordered from the worker in question on more then one occasion. He owes me an apology. I will be taking this as far as it needs to go, to come to an acceptable resolution.

Bad behavior should never be acceptable. I did nothing to provoke this exchange. He needs to be educated and taught how to treat people. He is an employee of one of the most respected companies in the world; Starbucks.

This kind of attitude does not reflect the majority of workers at the many Starbucks I have traveled to in the U. It is also not acceptable under any circumstances. It taste like I had orderd cold coffee and the whip cream was milky and not thick at all. Very very disappointed at this location. One I noticed today advertising coffee from Ethiopia was great — would love to hang in office or home kitchen.

Very dedicated, reliable, excellant and has been with Starbucks over a year now. Right now if you walk into this location you will smell the Cess Pool as it is being worked on! His voice mail is always FULL!!! Not sit in the back office!!!! They also need to go back to school to Re-Learn their People Skills!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

My wife is as old as her tongue — and a little bit older than her teeth! We live in Toronto, Canada. Never lower your standards. Schultz, this is feedback from the loyal front lines: I am a landlord of one of the most prime locations in NYC and would like to share my location with Starbucks to see if they would hsve any interest in this location. Why can I not download the app on my LG g3 through the app store. It tells me this version is not compatible with this device.

My daughter works at Starbucks. The manager has been doing the schedule day by day. If my daughter works at 5: The manager has been there three months and hired my daughter a month ago.

It was on the news. No free samples, promos, signs, etc. I am currently on hold and have been on hold so long my battery is low. She was awesome and is sending me a 20 dollars gift card.. Looking forward to Next year, so step up starbucks or your customers will step back.

He was very impatient and condescending. I am sure there are people in need of a job with much better customer service skills. I have been to Starbucks all over the country and have never experienced such bad customer service. I will definitely be reporting him to corporate. Starbucks you need to do better job at screening your employees.

Especially, in the smaller towns. Since I have not had a response to this message sent to you last week I find it very uncomfortable to visit your cafe at Olive and Verdugo Therefore I intend to visit the ACLU because I believe I have been discriminated by this young woman I have asked many of your employees if I had done anything to cause anyone ever to be uncomfortable all agree I am welcome anytime all except for Kate Kevorkian CEO: I wish to file a complaint about Kate Kevorkian Store manager corner or Verdugo and Olive ave Burbank I have been a customer Of Starbucks for Thirty years or more I was in your store this evening Friday September 19 I went to the cash register to pay for a passion tea which I drink four or five every day at this store All of the employees there Danny ,Lewis ,Derrick ,Caly are all delightful and most pleasant to be around However Kate seems to have a chip on her shoulder, perhaps because she is morbidly obese probably over plus lbs.

I too have had incident. I do however very much appreciate you taking the time and energy to do so! This younger generation has definitely no values in: No one ever promised fair or free. At the montebello store,, there is a desperate need for more chairs to mach the the amount of tables,, you have people just standing up in front of the table with not enough chairs to match ,,, however at the same time there is a large empty space in the middle of the store where there could be more tables AND chairs,,, your bristas do see this however still no improvements.

I am looking to purchase starbucks products for middle east and there is no one can explain the procedures or the requirements for starbucks. I will never buy Starbucks coffee again. The way they treat their workers is awful, my daughter worked for them for 2 years and then was denied unemployment compensation because of lies told to the unemployment agency. We are appealing the decision. Along with that they sent W2s out that had errors in them. Just try and get a corrected one.

Good luck with that. Their HR and local management do not support the workers and exploit them. Bearded employee informed me that he felt I was consuming alcoholic beverages while in the facility.

Further, that he would call the police. I asked the officers if they felt it necessary to perform a sobriety test.. And you obviously were Not under the influence?

What on earth is this new thing with the police lol lol!? I have been researching and have found out starbucks is supporting muslims and palestinians against Israel!

I will let as many Christians know as I can! Will see your sales decline! I will never purchase starbucks products again. I am appalled at your promotion of the sodomite agenda for pro-sodomite unions. You think you are hip. You have moved yourself in the wrong direction with your stupid PR campaign. Good bye and good riddance. My Book just got Published and I would like to be able to sell it in all of Starbucks coffee shops.

Wahl you can order it from the publishing company bookstore section Trafford. Need others to ask them to carry it Also. Several weeks ago, you said you were going to send me a gift card. It never came, and the music is still too loud here! I love starbucks so much, coffee is amazing and the people are great!! Starbucks coffee has actually inspired me to open my own coffee shop!

I wish one day i can actually own a starbucks and manage it myself, i love coffee and it would be amazing if someday i get to own my very own! I always come out happy from starbucks. Thank you so much for such great coffee!! I was hired as a shift. When I got my first check the hourly rate was wrong.

Del said he fixed it. After 6 checks it still was not right. I asked Del when will it be corrected? I was floored by his answer. Del from day one. April Del was not nice. I was training to be a Shift supervisor. I came from 29 years of food experience. He never told me at all. Some things I had to ask him. One day Del wanted me to train on the computer. Del did whatever he could do not to let me succeed.

A Barista named Andreea. Customers and Employees This was my everyday experience from day one. Del is not management material. Managers need to act professional. Not pick there favorites,back stab or make make remarks like the above in front of customers and employees and not at all. Thank you Sandy Incerto. I find unfortunately this type of thing to be very prevalent in this day and age.

I hope you receive satisfaction in this situation, it is not right on many levels. Our country has digressed quite enough. Today is July 10, , at approximately 5 till 8: I went in to get my usually medium coffee. Well as I paid and was leaving the count after ordering and paying.

I notice a banana smashed on the floor. So I notified Cassie, twice. She said I heard you. As I went to put creamer in my coffee I passed Sandy another Barista. She has a very bad attitude. I was running late and that is her job to pick up spills. I feel this remark was uncalled for and very unprofessional.

She ruined my day. I would like this letter put in her personal file and would like her fired or written up at least.

I do not want her to know my name due I frequently visit this Starbucks on a daily basis. I do not trust her with the handling of my food or drinks. She never liked me from the beginning and once she became my DM my job felt like it was on the line. She did me wrong in so many ways!!!! Lynn does not display any dignity and respect which should be upheld by all partners. And no matter how hard I worked it was never good enough. I feel like she did everything in her power to find a way to terminate me.

I was given a store a year and half ago where I have turned it around in ways customers and partners were amazed. He was on his final write up and never let go twice. Many managers had put any overtime made whether it be 10 minutes or 2 on his next check so no one would get in trouble for overtime. I did not know this was wrong.

Lynn would rip us a new one if anyone went into over time! Joshua partner had put in his 2 weeks notice after several altercations with partners including myself. He was very disrespectful and demeaning towards me and everyone else. He was a very depressed person. I spoke to my DM several times on this matter and nothing was done.

Without approval he punched in early and punched out late milking the clock when work was done. Forgetting to punch in and out. This has been done by. Since he irrationally put in his 2 weeks he turns around and stabs me in the back and tells my DM I refuse to pay him overtime.

This is not true. Josh was out to get everyone. After quitting he gives a 5 page typed letter to our DM about me. She investigates and gets statements from partners. All had nothing but good things to say about me but horrible things to say about josh. I am let go from a job that was my career! I worked so hard to get to where I was and starbucks was my future. I feel like I was wrongfully terminated and singled out by my DM. I think I was treated unfairly and would like to see something done about it!

Lynn Goldsien said she would grant me my 3 weeks vacation which now is being taken from me. The partner, with a witness present asked me to fix his punches to reflect 40 hours and to put the extra 30 minutes on the following week.

Our manager before did this for him and the one before that. After over 6 years??! All of this is wrong! I would like to hear back from you to see what can be done in this matter. I will fight for my dignity and my job! I too am going thru something very similar. I drive 40 to get to work right now and had found out there was a position open at the store closer to my house, warner robins, Ga I was told there was no space at this time andthat she the mgr would never accept my transfer due to a incident that happened with a previous mgr bc there are still baristas there from that time.

I am a 7 year partner have been a shift supervisor for the last 5 and also have been thru pannels and interviews for an ASM position. Why is what happened in the past being held over my head everything was supposed to be discarded after the incident was resolved. The current mgr does not know me nor do I know her obviously partners are bad mouthing me thus keeping me from growing in the company. To be a mgr and make your decisions on based on other partner is not right.

I am a very hard worker always have been. Starbucks as a company needs to take a closer look into what is really going on, there are so many bad things happening to such good hard working determined people. I have already taken steps to contact an attorney for discrimination and deficit of my character.

On June 30th I wrote the district manage and regional manager for Starbucks for the Charlotte region to register a complaint. I visit Starbucks 7 days a week…maybe that is too much to get any kind of customer service. Pretty poor for Starbucks. I have been drinking Starbucks Tazo iced tea for over 20 years—spent mega bucks at your stores—recommended your iced tea to everybody—and now cannot get the drink I love at Starbucks.

Tazo tea has a very distinctive robust flavor that no competitor can equal. Why did you change to Teavana without giving customers a choice? Teavana tea is weak—does not have any flavor—and is watered down when ice is added. I finally realized this weekend that I have to buy Tazo and make it at home. I miss going to Starbucks and seeing the friendly employees, and I am so disappointed that you made this change without seeking any customer input.

My wife, daughter and I took a nice drive to this specific Starbucks as it offers the convenience of having a drive thru. Ordered 3 drinks, Tall Americano, Kids box of chocolate milk, and a Tall Caramel Frap, asked for extra caramel on top, bottom, and sides. Received the Americano and box of milk as requested, no problem, but as for the frap, any other location knows how to make this drink with a generous amount of caramel, which you could clearly see sticking to the sides of the cup whenever requested.

I was handed a drink which what I thought was not enough Caramel. When I asked the clerk that I had asked for extra caramel and that I wanted my drink the way I requested it, I was given an are you kidding me face and she took the cup out of my hand in an unsatisfied manner. I did not think much of that, but then I was handed a cup which had 2 solid inches of caramel in the very bottom of the cup, topped with a layer of water creamy clear liquid , then a layer of the same frap contents from the first cup.

I held the drink and told the clerk that this was not acceptable. She sighed and took the drink back, At which point I asked for the money back for the Frap.

Well, i thought the first clerk was rude, this second lady gave me an ever uglier look and never attempted to recover the level of customer service that was already at a disappointing level. I was given my funds back and she just stood there waiting for me to leave as if she had a line of cars waiting. I looked back and there was no one in line.

Again, I must say this is disappointing as I have been a long time customer of many different Starbucks locations ad never had such an unpleasant experience. Fortunately, my daughter was in the car with me or I would not have handled it the way I did.

I am still waiting for an apology. I am surprised your company is not selling a famous drink from Spain and all over: Not any kids i know.

Churros are full of sugar and have grams of fat!! I know Starbucks has cream, sugar, caramel, mocha and some food that not that great. I am tired of having to ask the order takers to please not touch the rim of our coffee cups as the write the order down.

I enjoy Starbucks but do not like that they do not wash their hands. Starbucks please train your servers about cleanliness. Tired of the rolling of the eyes and curt whispers to their fellow workers. Seriously, no one does except you and you really are the only one. Seriously, do you not realize what you spend for Coffee. Have you ever wondered how Starbucks gets you to keep coming back for more and more and more?

Why you randomly crave it? This is for the rest of you morons that expect 5 Star Service from Starbucks. Come down off your high horse because you are Not that important and you are Not that busy and you are NOT in that big of a rush.

Hey, the truth hurts but what can you do? Money can fix and solve a lot of things. If you break your arm, get sick, even laser hair removal. Do you feel better now John? For your information, this website is reviewed by Starbucks personnel and upper management. They do read the comments and yes they may laugh at some of the stories but rest assured this forum acts as a conduit to understanding store issues and areas requiring attention and improvement.

Have a nice day and thank you for coming to Starbucks! You also sound like you think no one making a low income has pride in their work.

Can anyone explain to me with any trace of logic, why; 1. Starbucks does not put soy milk in a pitcher on the condiments counter? According to the super smart, friendly yes, sarcasm baristas, if I pour it myself I will contaminate the soy milk. How does this occur? So according to the logic of Starbucks; people who consume dairy are more responsible and cleaner. So you might be able to see my confusion. Obviously there is no actual logic in what the baristas say.

It just makes them seem ignorant and rude to customers. Probably not a good thing to sustain your business in the long run. The whole country, with the exception of Starbucks corporate that is. This may seem like an incredibly snarky message and it is but this is after DAILY frustration, rudeness, and general ignorance. Soy costs more than milk.

So they have to charge every time someone orders soy. It is a health code issue. If you touch it or any thing from starbucks cups, lids or the milk containers i. They are only repeating what they hear from corporate. You are right it is a snarky message, you try working there.

The employees have had food safety training. I love going their. They have soy milk. By the way you wrote your comment. It seems to me you are not self sufficient. The only one thats frustrated , rude, and ignorant is you. Look in the mirror!!! There are so many negatives on here! I just have to say that I love our Starbucks! I live in Hillsboro, Oregon and at all locations that I have been to in our area the employees have been more than pleasant.

All employees make a huge effort to call me by name. I absolutely love our Starbucks! Hopefully you see this comment in the midst of all the negative people. However it is important to always keep in mind that the service industry is a challenging one and is never perfect when dealing with people. Like yourself i am always politely greeted at the store that i attend and i have never had an issue and they go out of their way to inform me about products and services.

I can tell you one thing I am not the only one who feels this way and sometimes changing to a cheaper product costs you big time in the long run. If you come to your senses and start sellint the Tazo again let me know and I will return as a customer but as of now my gold card is usless!!! Please tell me why a sweet squirrel is bring cruelly treated and trapped on roof by Starbucks corporate.

They need to put a cover over the entry point instead of trapping and killing innocent animals. Call the location that is harming them too! I want a phone call immediately to know this squirrel has been released and not killed and the problem is fixed humanely and the entry pint has been fixed.

Be the change you want yo see in the world. I am writing to discuss a problem I am having with the website and customer service phone. It says I have free rewards, so today I told the barista I had a free drink reward on my card, but when I got my drink it charged my card. I am pretty disgusted with this frequent user loyalty program.

I tried to call the customer service number twice today and it put me on hold both times and no one answered in 20 minutes each call. There are too many other good places in Boise to get coffee, i. If you polled customers at the four Starbucks within 1.

Folks in Chicago are not interested in eating tiny stale overpriced French themed pastries. Every tooth in my head is a sweet tooth. Right now I am thinking of the incredible petit fours wish I had a picture of them that are made at a local bakery. I always order them for my family holiday parties. I forgot to get them once, and there was an uproar from both young and old alike. These are the types of pastries that need to be offered at the local Starbucks stores…visually appealing and bursting with flavor!

Also, a great donut goes a long way as well. I bike ride with a large group on the weekends and we always stop for coffee. No one EVER buys a pastry. We always lament how we would enjoy a good donut, scone, etc. I find it interesting that Starbucks is branching into the arena of alcoholic beverages. First and foremost, you should be walking over the competition in the breakfast department before turning to an entirely new area of business.

Great businesses are built on the premise of doing one thing and doing it well. Come to Chicago so you can test what sells. The gal,she is stranger,but US cityzen,and she is smarter than others.

How can be she a shift manager!! I was for one coffe other day,and she did not have a customers,and she let me wait about 2 hours,because,she was important by other managers? Then,one guy came to her and ask her for some key,to do some job,because its was broke,and she was rud: And he was pretty mad!

I cant understood,how can a shift manager be so horrible rud,and she was thinking she is important more than others!

So you are going to start selling beer and wine. If I wanted a bar atmosphere, I would go to a damn bar. This is pure greed. You know it and your once loyal customer know it. You will find a big decrease in your sales. So between the ridiculous increase, and the decision to turn Starbucks into a bar, my trips to your establishment will be stopped. People want beer and wine, there are plenty of bars for this type of service. You have just ruined your company for me. I drove up to order a Venti Caramel Macchiato with two extra shots.

Drove around the corner and I was the 4th car in line. I try to give him my iPhone to scan purchase. I say in my truck waiting, just about minutes went by, still no Venti Macchiato….. Then I tried to get the Window Reps attention for about 3 minutes more, ignoring me. Was I pissed off! I tried to stay calm for a few minutes more waiting patiently.

Then I notice all the other orders popping up on the counter in the window. I ask for the store Mgr. I then tell him that u should be refunded and my drink is free! I said really now!!!

I see, I said. Finally , the supervisor come and gives me a store managers business card and a free coffee coupon. The supervisor told the barista to cancel the order. Right before I drove off my cup came up and it look very dirty, it seemed the barista over flowed the cup several times.

I was very pissed off! That was the best Birthday present to myself in years, to get screwed over a Venti Caramel Macchiato in the last 10 years. I normally order anywhere from 2—5 shots extra in all my Venti drinks from Starbucks. I was so mad, I burnt rubber out if the driveway and street. The staff needs to be retrained in Customer Service a Satisfaction or left the idiots resign. Just need to vent. I sent my wife an eGift card through Starbucks Rewards.

Mind you my wife only received one eGift. I called, they were busy. I choose link to email them, received a reply saying please call.

I called and was asked by automation to leave a message. Left my phone nmber, name, etc. E-Mail responses were most system generated with who to contact next. Never did get my money back. I feel that they got exactly what they wanted, to bury me in correspondence until I gave up. I must say I am extremely disappointed with the customer service at Starbucks. It seems Starbucks would rather lose customers than resolve a complaint. After several phone calls and a letter to the corporate office, my concern was completely dismissed.

So very, very disappointed in Starbucks. It is amazing Ruth all the complaints that i see on this Starbucks corporate website and yet no resolutions in sight or attempt made my senior staff to step in and demonstrate the companies concern and willingness to cooperate with the customer!

Your experience is no different than all the others that i read about that are unresolved and i share your frustration and disappointment with this chain! So the best we can do is what we are doing by spreading the word and letting others know about the treatment by staff towards customers, store issues, unprofessional behavior, etc.

All of these properties range from 5 million to 50 million dollar homes, so this is where the money has gone towards not only does he live in the most expensive area in British Columbia, he pays top dollar for security!

I will personally see that this post is sent over rhe internet until everyone has a chance to see it. I hope that enough people will respond to it by not buying your products. Mary in case you are not aware lots of folks do not support the war that was and still is a sham.

How is the current war protecting anything but oil for the obscene oil companies. Go ahead and call out Starbucks and you may be surprised how many of us feel the same. What are you afraid of Mr. Your such an asshole! I have the money and the time to spread what i believe is going at Starbucks and the way in which you run this company.

Starbucks u keep your oh so wonderful employees.. After reading your follow up on my complaint i can clearly see that so many other great customers like yourself are not being listened to or are not being treated professionally which after all is what Starbucks is supposed to be all known for! My concern is my observation of so many issues at the store level and problems that are occurring via customers like yourself make me wonder what is going on? Lastly your right Trish Rose, it will the rise and fall of an empire in the years to come!

What do you think of that? Talk about poor customer service and even discrimination!!!??? This type of uncalled for, simply immature bad behavior is rampant in all company customer service! Please check what is going on at starubcks store This store has had stellar service under Kim the manager who I hear is out for a while.

I would think whoever is covering or taken her place would listen to the employees to find out how as a team they were successful. For the last month or so every time I go through the drive through if there are 3 or more cars deep I miss my coffee stop. Why, from my experience I go in at 5: Recently I have been stuck in the drive through with two cars ahead me and waited 10 min. One time I saw 2 junior staff at the window and kindly asked what is going on as people were trapped, you cannot back out of a drive through, and the wait was unbearable.

The associate told me there are only two of us and Junior at that. Please leave Cindy at the window she is fast, fast and always smiling. You could put the garbage cans back out and then I might not see Cindy picking up garbage when she is as valuable as I and many others see her.

Whatever Kim did while she was at this store, how she scheduled and place folks I never saw a new person slow I understand when learning with another new associate. Put back what was working! My husband and I have been costumers in Starbucks Puerto Rico since Everyday 2 ventti lattes for each one. This past January starbucks PR decided they were not going to put sugar or splendas in your drink.

They give you the sugar and you have to put it in the coffee while your driving. But are you serious? Imagine yourself driving your car and at same time managing the coffee. So we decided to boicot Starbucks. As a disable veteran I will not be shopping at any of your stores.

Today, however after about a 2 week hiatus I was met with a bad experience. I had already purchased a Spinach croissant square, but wanted to purchase a butter croissant last minute. I returned back to the line while a shift lead named Michael was about to begin his shift walking to the back of the store.

There were no customers behind me so I walked over to pick up some napkins at the condiment bar and returned to find him in the position of the line where I was. I got behind him but he did not acknowledge that I as a customer was there first as he very well seen me standing there upon his arrival. I purchased the other croissant and left. He is a partner and deserves to get his free drink before his shift starts as quickly as possibly.

Why you would take time out of your day to risk a young man losing his job over your stupid complaint is beyond me. Half of the problem with America is represented in your statement. The one time I had a suggestion for the co based on a not pleasant experience and I was on the phone; it took me some time to explain that I did not call for a reward??? Customer svc may in some instances or in some employees….

This particular evening however, I was in for a rude shock. I was never treated as poorly as on this night. This, of course, is completely ridiculous. This is completely unacceptable as this is my neighborhood coffee shop. Your blend is just a dark roast. You fooled me once Howie. What my brother expressed to us lastnight! As he finished off his coffee to feel something still in there and saw a big roach, still alive, in the cup!! And he took the kid off!

There better be some serious damage control! Otherwise it might go viral online! How gross is that?! I have been a Starbucks fan for over 15 years but when my daughter went to work for the location on Joyce street in Fayetteville Arkansas that all changed. She was the only college graduate working there as a supervisor and worked her butt off. She went through the appropriate channels with Starbucks Corporate who in turned ignored her and behaved so unprofessionally. I find that just ridiculous.

I have a location I want to pitch to the manager. Please email with details. Have an idea for a big success! Is there a specific person who decides where to open up stores in NYC?

I have a location I want to pitch to the district manager. Especially being from Missouri. The pilot cars are both senior citizens as are the owners of the company. This is over 4 months old now, and it is not feesable for us to get a lawyer from here to come there, or to pay a lawyer there because we would loose money.

They needed it for property taxes and Christmas for their families, now past both times for those, the pilot car drivers are still waiting and struggling because of their incompetence and in-capabilities to pay their bills.

Over the next four days I called, emailed and called again. The email response was three days. On the last call I was told it was in queue for shipping and should probably go out that day. A couple of days later, no shipping email, no status change for the order at their website under my account.

I got a rather snippy supervisor named Kyle who actually began to grill me on what the date of the birthday was that the gift was for. I hit the roof and he finally said he would follow up on what was happening with the order and he would call or email me. I was so furious I told him to just email. They took SO long getting this order out that the gift could not be shipped whole everything was in stock when the order was placed! I actually had to talk to the gift recipient to apologize for the lateness of the arrival AND to tell them it would be short a couple of items due to the incompetence of the seller I purchased from.

I AGAIN emailed them and said I wanted a name and contact number for someone well up in the hierarchy from Kyle as I wanted to discuss this problem further. I have still received no response from them. I plan to pursue this further but if you are smart you will never order from Starbucks online.

I need the names and numbers of both the district manager and regional manager of Houston, TX. There a a lot of great young people that work there.


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